24 heures dans la vie de Paris

#24HourProjectLe #24HourProject a eu lieu le 1er avril 2017 et a rassemblé près de 4,000 photographes du monde entier, dans plus de 800 villes différentes, qui se sont donné pour défi de parler de la vie et de la condition humaine dans leur ville, en partageant une fois par heure pendant 24 heures une photo de leur choix, prise à chaque heure de la journée.

La totalité des contributions documente ainsi 24 heures de vie, simultanément dans le monde, à l’aide de milliers de photographies partagées sur les24HourProject réseaux sociaux.

L’édition 2017 soutient la cause des réfugiés dans le monde, en association avec LesvosSolidarity, un camp de réfugiés en Grèce. A Paris, le groupe de photographes a travaillé avec l’association Singa, et son média Trait d’Union, pour porter sur Paris des regards croisés de photographes réfugiés et de citoyens français.

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Voici les 24 heures dans la vie de Paris de @CafeCalvaThealaMenthe

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one day my bus will come

00:10am #24hr17_ParisTourist, local, immigrant, 3rd generation, refugee, asylum seeker, parisian, expat who can tell ? There’s no good guess while looking at the crowd walking down one of the most visited avenue in the world, the Champs-Elysées, because why should we care about it ?



1:19am #24hr17_ParisWho would dare blaming any of these girls ? Rain of shine they’re into the oldest, yet most humiliating business in the world, usually not even profiting them but some nasty crapy gangs. Next to Porte de La Chapelle, Nigerian girls rule, touting the most cheapest customers of the city, then getting the thing done quickly in the park next to the boulevard. One reason for their presence at this spot is the nearby refugees « welcoming » center, settled after Calais’ evacuation. We had a nice moment of laugh together, trying to decide which of the colored skirt should go in which order ! Thanks girls and take great care !…



dreams on rock-bed

2:21am #24hr17_ParisUnder the railway bridge at Porte de La Chapelle, freshly arrived refugees from Somalia are falling asleep. The municipality decided to put big stones at this place so the refugees would not settle a wild camp, but offered no alternative, so people stayed around, accomodating their new room decoration. Litteraly. Stones have been engraved with freedom messages by the « graveurs de pierres sans frontières » organisation.



with onions

3:19am #24hr17_Paris

What would be Paris night life without the « kebabs ». It’s the food you need in the middle of the night whether you’re clubbing or just hanging around. Some are run by Turkish but most of them by Algerians and Moroccans. This one in Pigalle makes no exception :
– oignons, salade, tomate ?
– ihye, koulchi ‘lairelik !



late night kiss

4:09am #24hr17_ParisCelebrating diversity. Love has no age, gender, borders, race or religion.



meet me at the skate park at five in the morning

5:02am #24hr17_ParisWhy would you skate during the day when it’s so cool to spend the night there ?



les forçats de Barbès

6:00am #24hr17_ParisFrom 5 to 7am at the Barbès market the official language is arabic. While setting it up you’ll hear many « salam aleikum » and « hamdullah »…what a incredible mix of Egyptians (mostly), Algerians, Tunisians and Moroccans. Hard workers, focused, efficient. When the sun will rise a bit before 8 o’clock as well as when the first customers will show up, it’s stunning to hear them yell : « elles sont belles les tomates…allez, on y va…les oeufs extra-frais… »



appelle-moi Omar Sy

7:06am #24hr17_ParisSharing the first morning coffee with that big guy, happy face although he was driving as a Uber all night, and still have one hour to go before reaching his bed. Most of Uber drivers in Paris are « fils de la République », 2nd or 3rd generation of immigrants from Africa or french overseas territories, living in distant suburbs. That pal grew up in La Martinique and was joking all the way pretending he was the actor « Omar Sy ». And coffee was served hot and ristretto by Carlo, an Italian from Sardainia.



springtime in Belleville

8:14am #24hr17_Paris



kimono vintage

9:22am #24hr17_ParisMeet Mr Ryohei Tamura, a Japanese selling genuine vintage kimonos on the « vide grenier couleurs pays » flea market in Belleville.



Tang Frères

10:06am #24hr17_ParisOlivier isn’t Chinese. His wife is. Olivier cooks Xio Zi his own way. Each Saturday, he crosses the entire city to come to Tang Frères, the biggest chinese supermarket in Paris’ China Town, because there is nowhere else he can find the good ingredients.



keep smilin’

11:32am #24hr17_ParisThe statuette has a clear advantage : it can keep that smile forever. Though this Vietnamese restaurant maid would probably just come second. The Asian community in Paris has a reputation to be quiet, hard working and very supportive. They recently came out more loudly in protest since the security paranoïa is hitting them too.



Paris-Beirut (gimme that falafel)

12:32pm #24hr17_ParisDelicious 100% lebanese manaïch with hummus and falafel served with love and attention by 100% lebanese Ishak.
What would be our Parisian breaks without the yummy lebanese food ?!!



mariage pour tous

1:11am #24hr17_ParisMatthieu is gently kissed by his husband. They just said « yes » to each other at the city hall of Le Marais (where else 😊). Congratulations boys !




nanga def

2:37pm #24hr17_ParisFor some unclear reasons, the Senegalese connection have a totally monopolistic control of the Eiffel Tower souvenirs and selfie-sticks market around Trocadero. « Nanga def » is hello in wolof, the dominant language of Senegal.



trumpet star and stripes

3:23pm #24hr17_ParisCan you believe the guy was playing « In the Deathcar » by Goran Bregovic ? Serbian guy, playing Serbian music, in the streets of Paris. Remember the soundtrack of Arizona Dream movie, with Johnny Depp, by the craziest film maker Emir Kusturica ?



au rendez-vous des Invalides

4:08pm #24hr17_ParisNow if you think it’s no serious game, you’re all wrong. This game has started war between villages and torn families apart.

Quand j’étais pitchoun’ dans mon village de Provence, on jouait aux billes avec des calots gros comme le pouce sous les platanes de la place de l’église, pendant que les vieux geulaient après qui sera le plus près du bouchon, mètre mesureur en main: « Eèèè pastaga t’es pas droit, fallait pas la tirer… »

Club de pétanque sur l’esplanade des Invalides. Le doyen a 93 ans, yo’ 🙋!



just friends.  and strawberries

5:01pm #24hr17_ParisSweedish and Italian friends reunited at middle distance of their hometown. Guess who’s from where ?




6:15pm #24hr17_Parisveggie beautie




7:08pm #24hr17_Paris

Love is in the air…💕… (et pas que…!)

Nice « bouche à bouche sous les bouches » with this lovely couple from Austria. Paris, city of love. Certainly well deserved, right ?



Samedi Sugu

8:17pm #24hr17_Paris« Sugu » means « market » in Bambara, the dominant language spoken in Mali and in that spot as well. You’d better know your basics to buy some plantain bananas to fry your allokos for tonight !



little Mumbai

9:16pm #24hr17_ParisHead to the Little Mumbai area of Paris to buy fruits you didn’t even know they were growing on earth, find flashy cheap jewelry for your fiancée, get colored silk saris tailor cut, eat naan and chicken curry massahla, catch up with the latest Bollywood series, or find your Indian or Sri Lankan soulmate. Namaste !



because you’re so beautiful

10:34pm #24hr17_Paris

Because you’re so beautiful, I like to watch you silently night and day

Did you know Paris is also full of French specialties and surprises ? And that Parisians also like strolling to the most touristic places like Montmartre, working on their « Amélie »-like semi-neglected daydreaming style, because Paris is Paris, and Paris is beautiful !

…24 heures dans la vie de Paris, going around-the-world just by going around-the-city around-the-clock…



three candles

11:01pm #24hr17_Paris Ending the long day by lighting candles in the Sacré-Coeur cathedral of Montmartre for my beloved ones. Sending good thoughts, vibes, prayers, shakras, whatever they believe in, to all angels outthere I’ve crossed path with, and those in needs to be healed.







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